Television Repair

We repair TVs old and new, including HD plasma, LCD and LED models. Power issues, faulty screens and sound problems.

Games Console Repair

Has your favorite console decided it doesn't want to play any more?


Let's get you back in the game!


Computer Repair

Computers are the center of of our world theses days, so when they fail it can be a disater! We repair all types of computer systems.

Adavanced Control Electronics - Reliable repairs whenever you need them!

With many years of experience, A C Electronics in Loughborough offers you an installation and repairs service you can rely on. We offer a large range of repair services from TVs to Consoles, Aplifiers, and Media players. We're able to repair machine tools, power supplies, speed controllers, industrial computers and equipment, and much more. We also offer PCB (Circuit Board) diagnosis and repair.


A C Electornics offers a Collection and Delivery service - call us now for more information.


A few of the issues we're able to repair are; TVs with poor or no image, audio equipment, faulty aerial sockets, broken cables or ports, amplifiers, CD and DVD players,VCRs, projectors, consoles (PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo, etc), faulty chargers or AC adapters, laptops, desktops, and anything else electrical! 

Loughborough TV Repairs

We can solve your TV having No Power, Poor Picture, Loose Aerial Point, HDMI Connector not Working, Broken Screen, No Picture, Remote Control Repair, and more. Collection & Delivery is available.


Loughborough Console Repairs

We can repair your console if it has No Power, No Video Output, HDMI Connector Broken, Broken Controller, Yellow Ring of Death, Doesn't Play Games, Stuck Discs, and other hardware issues. Get in touch today!


Amplifier Repairs in Loughborough

We can fix all types of amplifiers; Alpha, Cambrudge, Beringer, Marshall, Yamaha, and all other top brands. We can solve your amp having No Power, Low Volume, Broken Loudspeakers, Remote Repair and more. Collection and Delivery Available.


DVD Player / Surround Sound AV System Repairs

We can repair your systems Not Playing Discs, Not Running, no Power, Broken Door, No Output / No Sound, and more. Call in to get a quote!


Computer and Laptop Repairs

We can fix all forms of PC and Laptop problems, including Broken Screens, HDMI Ports Not Working, Broken Charging Port, Faulty Chargers, DVD Drive Not Working, Blue Screen of Death, No Power / Doesn't Boot.


Industrial Repairs - Commercial Electronics Repair

A C Electronics offers all forms of indutrial repair work, and industrial electornic repairs to Leicestershire and the surrounding areas. We've been serving the UK engineering industry for over 15 years. We can fix and repair Amplifier Heads, Temperature Controllers, Speed Controllers, Power Supply Units, Counters, Hopper Level Controls, Guide Sensors, Printed Circuit Boards, Control Panels and all other industrial and commercial electornics. Emergency Same/Next Day Repairs are available.

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