Television Repair Loughborough (TV Repair)

A C Electronics has been providing TV repairs for many years in the Loughborough area. We can offer a collection service, and low-cost diagnostics. We offer all forms of TV Repair, from physically damaged TVs, to flickering picture, to poor image, and "black screen" issues. We can solve your TV having No Power, Poor Picture, Loose Aerial Point, HDMI Connector not Working, Broken Screen, No Picture, Remote Control Repair, and more.

Our services

  • Identifying the problem and giving you a reliable quote promptly. 
  • Replacing worn, defective, or broken parts, including whole circuit boards down to surface-mount components.
  • Getting your television up and running again in the shortest possible time.

Whatever your problem...

Contact us today for a quote on 01509 211333 or use our contact form.

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